Clinique Bonus Time
Clinique Bonus Time 2012 is here now, but it is always best to be prepared to grab the amazing free gifts in advance. Find out all you need to know about this opportunity for securing the best deal ever. This will allow you to be among the first ones to grab the deal once it becomes available. This is definitely a chance that you should not miss.

What are the benefits and advantages of Clinique Bonus Time 2012?

With Clinique Bonus Time 2012, you get to be in a win-win situation. You get your favorite Clinique products that you use every day. Then you are presented with a free gift bag full or amazing skin care products and make up products.

You may be surprised to find out that you will get not only your all-time favorites. You will be presented with some of the latest Clinique Bonus products that have just been launched. In some cases, you will be among the first people to try the product ever. Imagine what it will be like to go to work with a lipstick that no one else has. You will certainly get envy looks from all the women in the office. You can only imagine what effect your new lipstick will produce on the men.


Clinique Bonus 2012

Generally, you will be able to get for free any of the products of the Clinique brand. The range of free gifts includes skin care products for uneven skin tone, pores, redness and aging. You can even get one of the great 3-step packages that offer complete solution to all sorts of problems for free. Think of any type of make up product. Now imagine getting it as a gift. You can get amazing mascaras, eye shadows and lipstick as well as foundation, concealer and powder.

You may find one of the great Clinique fragrances in the gift bag as well. You will not have to worry about getting tan safely during the summer as you may find some of the great sun products of the brand in the bag. You should definitely take advantage of Clinique Bonus Time 2012 even if you are a guy. There are plenty of products from the men’s series that you can get for free.

How do I get all these great Clinique free gifts?

You are certainly impatient to find out how you can take advantage of the Clinique Bonus Time 2012 deals. It is worth pointing out that you do not need a gift card or any other document certifying that you are a regular customer of the brand. You do not need to spend a fortune on different types of products in order to get the bonus.

All you have to do is to get your favorite product, as you usually do, and claim your gift. The really great thing is that you will get not only a single item for free. Most gift packages contain a number of amazing products some of which you may have tried and some of which are brand new.

Can I get free Clinique gifts in any cosmetic store?

The different Clinique Bonus Time 2012 events take place at different stores offering the products of the brand. You should expect any store in your area of residence to offer free gifts for a set period of time in 2012. If you are not sure that the store which you usually shop from will participate, you can readily check their website or ask one of the sales assistants.

When is Clinique Bonus Time 2012?

This is the question that everyone asks when they hear about the amazing skin care and make up products that they can get for free. Events take place at different times of the year. The bonus time is not seasonal. This means that you can get free gifts all year round. You just need to know when the event will take place in your town or city and which stores will participate in it.

Clinique 2012 You can try the old-fashioned method and ask at every store, but this is time and effort consuming. The better option is to sign up for getting free email alerts from Clinique. All you have to do is to register with them. The registration is totally free so you have no reason for rejecting this superb opportunity. Once you sign up to get alerts, you simply need to check your email on a daily basis.

One day you will get an alert for the store near you. All that you will have to do is to grab your bag, get the products that you need and claim your free gift.

Clinique Bonus Time 2012 is here to give you the best cosmetic product deals ever.

How do you take advantage of Clinique Bonus Time?

The first step is to find out when and where an event will take place in your local are. There are a number of things that you can do to pinpoint the bonus time. You should definitely sign up to get notifications of events from the company itself. You need to create an online account on their official website. Then you need to confirm that you want to receive email notifications from them.

You will be sent an email about each event taking place in your local area in advance. Usually, the information is available in the monthly newsletters so you will learn about the promotional campaign at least one or two weeks in advance. You just need to find some free time to visit the store where the event takes place and get your free gift.

There are other ways in which you can find out about Clinique Bonus Time events. Make it a habit to ask about free gifts when you shop at the brand’s counter in your local department store or cosmetics store. Visit their website regularly and sign up to get email notifications from them as well. Follow the popular websites and blogs dedicated to the special offers available from the brand. The social networks are good sources of information as well.

Note the time period of the Clinique bonus campaign and choose convenient time and date to visit the respective store. The sooner you take advantage of the free gift offer the better. Even though the event may last for as long as a month or even two, the free sets are available while supplies last. For this reason, it is perfectly possible to miss out on a great deal just because you did not act timely. Try to be among the first customers to claim the available bonus.


You can claim your free gift from Clinique when you purchase a product or products worth over a set minimum amount. The minimum purchase amounts vary by store and by bonus time. Still, it is worth looking at the minimum amounts officially announced by the brand. These are:

  • $21.50 at department and cosmetics stores across the United States
  • $26.50 (Canadian Dollars) at department and cosmetics stores across Canada

These minimum amounts are subject to changes. One important thing to note is that only the prices of the products that you purchase count towards the total amount. Taxes, shipping costs, gift cards and gift wrapping are excluded. For this reason, you will certainly benefit from doing some calculations just to make sure that your purchase is equal to or greater than the set minimum.

The set minimum purchase amounts vary by store because they are set in line with the total value of the gift bag items that you receive. Usually, each gift set is worth around three times more than the minimum purchase amount. For instance, if you spend at least $21.50 on Clinique products, you will get free items worth $60. If you spend $25, you will get freebies for $75. These are certainly among the best deals you will ever find especially given the fact that each set contains at least five or six items.

You will get your free gift with purchase directly. There is no need to do anything. You just need to have the receipt for the items that you have bought. Since the free gifts are available to online shoppers, they are automatically included in the package for shipment. In most cases, you do not have to fill out any fields in the order for or tick boxes. The gift is added automatically to your shopping cart when you have products worth over the set minimum amount in it.

Are you ready for the great Clinique products and the fabulous free gifts with purchase? You will certainly enjoy the best skin care suitable for your age and skin type. You will look totally glam every time you wear makeup. You will save hundreds of dollars while impressing everyone around with your unique beauty. And please feel free check out and click the Facebook Like button on our pageĀ

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